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About us

Welcome to Laya Support services

At Laya support Services we pride ourselves on being person centered, approachable and accountable. How we do this?

We actively facilitate you in setting your goals and support you to achieve them by ensuring you are at the helm of all decision making.

We seek continuous feedback from our valued service users and use your feedback to promote constant improvement (there is no such thing as perfect, and everything can be improved)

Mission Statement

Our goal simply is to empower and enrich the lives of all individuals using our service.We envision a world of inclusivity for all people everywhere. We utilise all resources available to bring our vision to life.We will deliver our service using our ethos of kindness, empathy and positivity.


We believe that all people, irrespective of age, gender, cultural & religious beliefs or degree of disability:

  • Have the right to be in full control of and be able to tailor their own supports.
  • Are people first and foremost.
  • Have the right to be heard and respected.
  • Should live a life free from prejudice or discrimination.
  • Should be given every support possible to achieve their full potential.